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As per the new federal structure, lorem lorem lorem lorem lorem now has one village development committee (vdc). Earlier, the whole of Dandapari area had 11 vdcs. Dandapari area is now accessible by roads which were beyond imagination in the past. Transportation is not available for almost five months during monsoon and therefore transportation is available only during dry season. People have to walk for whole day and in some case even two days to reach district headquarter.

Though Dandapari area is very remote, it has potential for development. The area has high hills from three hundred meters to three thousand meters from the sea level and it has diverse climate which is suitable for agriculture. There are big and beautiful springs that fall from high hills. Some springs fall only during monsoon whereas some springs fall all the year round. The area is full of greenery as the hills are covered with big trees and hence the area has the potential to attract tourists.

“Teach self-denial and make its practice pleasure, and you can create for the world a destiny more sublime that ever issued from the brain of the wildest dreamer”

Falametar, has potential and possibilities of coffee tourism and tea. Salmechakal, the center of Dandapari can be used for hydropower as it has Khankhola River which flows in very high speed all the year round. Construction of hydropower from Khanikhola River can electrify whole Dandapari area and fishery can be done in the dam. Similarly, Saldhara Milche has potentials for coffee and sugarcane. Fruits like Mangoes and Licchi can be grown in Mahankal. Likewise, Chyamrangbesi has potentials for coffee and tourism. Rainbow Trout fish farming can be done in Chyamrangbesi, Saldhara, Falametar and Foksingtar as these areas are in higher altitude. The weather of majority of areas of Dandapari is suitable for Dragon Fruit farming too. People of this area can generate economy provided this area is developed as a pocket area for Dragon Fruit farming. Similarly, the lower areas of Dandapari are suitable for banana farming.

Though there are immense possibilities in Dandapari area yet there is lot of problems. The major problem of this area is road. Pure drinking water is another problem of this area though it has lots of Rivers and streams. People are forced to migrate to other places due to lack of drinking water. Various organizations have installed drinking water taps and tanks in many places but due to lack of maintenance all drinking water system are in dilapidated condition. Sanitation and toilet is another problem of this area. Majority of the toilets made by various organizations have been damaged due to earthquake and the poor people have not been able to construct a new one. Farmers of this area lack awareness. Though, water is adequate in this area, agricultural lands are not being irrigated due to lack of awareness. Children are unable to attend schools regularly due to poverty. Majority of the people of this area are dependent on agriculture and therefore necessary research needs to be carried out for the development of agriculture in this area as providing grants and loans to the farmers can help in alleviating poverty from Dandapari area.