Multifamily Real Estate Investments

Ultimate Capital Partners focuses on value-add and build-to-rent properties in growing markets across the United States. We help investors achieve steady passive income, strong asset appreciation, and tax benefits with reduced risk

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Why Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns

Multifamily real estate has typically returned higher risk-adjusted returns (12-18%) compared with the S&P 500 (8-9%), while being less volatile

Stable Wealth Generation

Investing in value-add multifamily assets has been a proven strategy for creating and protecting wealth

Consistent Passive Income

Multifamily investors enjoy consistent cash flow distributions without the stress and hassle of managing the asset itself

Significant Tax Benefits

Real estate investments receive specialized tax treatment; depreciation and cost-segregation can significantly reduce taxes

Rising Demand

Housing is a need-driven asset. With today’s rising interest rates, more people are dropping out of purchasing homes and shifting towards renting

Portfolio Diversification

Multifamily investments can complement your other assets and offers greater diversification compared with single family homes/rentals


How We Work


Our team identifies investment opportunities that meets our requirements and aligns with the interests of our investors. We underwrite properties, perform due diligence, and consult construction teams, property managers, brokers, and lenders to put together a business plan.


We purchase the asset utilizing capital raised from passive investors and finalize financing from a third-party lender.

We execute our business plan, which may include renovating the interior and exterior of units; adding amenities; and increasing operational efficiency. This usually takes 1-2 years.


Once the value-add is complete, we can take advantage of the forced appreciation in value by refinancing the property. With this, a significant portion of initial investors’ capital is returned.


We target a 5-6 year hold period and aim to sell within that timeframe if the opportunity is right. With this, the rest of the investors’ capital is returned along with the profit split. Occasionally, we may choose to refinance the property again.

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Whether you want to preserve your assets for future generations or simply want to make the most of what you have now, Ultimate Capital Partners has the expertise to guide you through every step of the process.


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Why Invest in Real Estate?

Passive Income

Rental payments provide steady cash flow through dividend payouts

Stable Cash Flow

Rental payments provide steady cash flow through dividend payouts

Tax Advantages

Rental payments provide steady cash flow through dividend payouts

Capital Appr'n

Rental payments provide steady cash flow through dividend payouts